Sogno e Colore


Marc Chagall is one of the great contemporary masters that may have inspired the artistic works of Ottavio Missoni. Both men share similar experiences in their cultural roots as well.
The bright and energetic colors found in their work both transmit optimism and happiness while hiding a kind of childlike ingenuity that makes their language genuine and of immediate impact.
I always enjoyed the fantastic component of the works of Marc Chagall. His fairytale reality in a dreamlike state, gurative memories that break down into colorful worlds communicating an optimistic dimension of life. The same can be said of the artistic work by Ottavio Missoni, my father, where his tapestries are made up of colored knit cutouts illustrating his own memories. As he describes, «...each piece should be carefully observed as it has its own history and individually have their own life», and assembled together recreate a new colorful harmony. A poetic and happy dimension.
Luca Missoni

Ottavio and Rosita Missoni - Mauro Galligani's photo
Ottavio Missoni with tapestry - Silvano Maggi's photo


La Notte della Follia